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Revolutionizing Your Business with Cutting-Edge Robotics Solutions!


Florence Robotics offers a wide range of solutions for Robotics, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground vehicles (UGVs), Articulated Robots with remote-controlled or autonomous capabilities.

We support different types of applications, such as monitoring, inspection, and intervention, even in hostile environments.

We design customized electronic boards tailored on specific robotics applications.

We offer training and technical-scientific consultancy activities in the aforementioned areas.

Plug and Play your Innovative Ideas!
Some of our products:

Aerial Vehicles

Drone dart

DART Drone Research Platform

Ready to Go Drone Platform to tackle the research demands of your cutting edge applications.

Powered by NVIDIA Embedded computing devices.

Customizable with different sensors payloads and computing boards.

Complete API to have full control on the platform.

ROS/ROS2 compatible.

Compatible with Open-Source flight software.

Programmable hardware/software Failsafes for a more safe testing.

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The DART Drone has been design to support also indoor navigation, so no need to solve a knapsack problem with batteries, cables and laptops for your experiments "en plein air"!



K.A.R.R Research Platform

Rover platform with the same hardware/software support as the DART drone.

Able to support more payload.

Tailored for Autonomous Driving research.

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Key features of our company



Do you need help to understand what you need to solve your problems or meet some demands? We are here to hear from you.


Innovation is not standard. For this reason, we offer customization of the platform to satisfy your needs.



You won’t be left alone with the product. You can count on us for after-sale support.


The ones who run this company

Luca Bigazzi

Luca Bigazzi, Ph.D.

Research Fellow
System & Control Lab (SysConLab)
University of Florence
Florence, Italy

Luigi Pannocchi

Luigi Pannocchi, Ph.D.

Research Fellow
Real-Time Systems Laboratory (ReTiS Lab)
Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
Pisa, Italy

Enrico Boni

Enrico Boni

Associate Professor
Microelectronics Systems Design Lab (MSDLab)
University of Florence
Florence, Italy

Michele Basso

Michele Basso

System & Control Lab (SysConLab)
University of Florence
Florence, Italy


Lets get in touch:

Email: contact@florence-robotics.com

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